Taylor Swift - You Belong With Me


Music video by Taylor Swift performing You Belong With Me. (C) 2009 Big Machine Records, LLC

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  • Δήμητρα Πρωτοψάλτη
    Δήμητρα Πρωτοψάλτη2 menit yang lalu

    Like only if u watching this on 2021.

  • L' Univers d'Émilie
    L' Univers d'Émilie11 menit yang lalu


  • alexa
    alexa24 menit yang lalu

    2021 anyone ?

  • I am JANE_gachatuber

    I am JANE_gachatuber

    15 menit yang lalu


  • Macy Merritt
    Macy Merritt26 menit yang lalu

    One of the most under rated Taylor swift song

  • bhuvi s
    bhuvi s31 menit yang lalu

    i can't believe it took me this long to realise that the other girl is also Taylor 🤦‍♀️🤭

  • 袁思筠
    袁思筠32 menit yang lalu

    2021 ~( ˘ ³˘)♥

  • Kitte Taylor
    Kitte Taylor42 menit yang lalu

    Love you Taylor swift

  • Lazionette LazyLala
    Lazionette LazyLala50 menit yang lalu

    She's battling on whether she should be the famous girl or just plain her

  • Shaffaque Fatima
    Shaffaque FatimaJam Yang lalu

    Taylor being jealous of Taylor is still iconic😂

  • Stariyanna
    StariyannaJam Yang lalu

    No at me only three years old when this was released---

  • It's Afrozen
    It's AfrozenJam Yang lalu

    Who’s here because this song just randomly crossed your mind...

  • Tuan Anh
    Tuan AnhJam Yang lalu

    I love this movie.

  • Abhinav Thevan
    Abhinav ThevanJam Yang lalu

    Taylor wearing a brown wig . People: Who is that?? Taylor changing in to a man. People: It's Taylor!

  • Marie Pierre
    Marie PierreJam Yang lalu


  • Biologica
    BiologicaJam Yang lalu

    It's amazing ❤️

  • Sopheanich Chheng
    Sopheanich Chheng2 jam yang lalu

    This song is the best and I am trying to sing it

  • D MC
    D MC2 jam yang lalu

    I remember watching this as a child still love this

  • Merin Iype Varghese
    Merin Iype Varghese2 jam yang lalu

    11 years!! Im watching this 😂 i must be a legend

  • de haan
    de haan2 jam yang lalu


  • Kai Gonzales
    Kai Gonzales2 jam yang lalu

    I still love this song❤

  • toxy cherry
    toxy cherry2 jam yang lalu

    Watching this masterpiece 2021✨

  • Totie Struck
    Totie Struck2 jam yang lalu

    655 7:20 pm

  • shut up navel disaster
    shut up navel disaster2 jam yang lalu

    An almost win for the black-haired girl but you know the verdict, it's always the blondes!

  • Jennifer J
    Jennifer J3 jam yang lalu

    How many of you are here in Jan 2021?

  • Sameeksha Hegde
    Sameeksha Hegde3 jam yang lalu

    Hit like 👍 you are watching it in 2021.

  • Priyanka Kataria
    Priyanka Kataria3 jam yang lalu

    Me realising that the other girl is aslo Taylor Swift after reading the comments.... Ok no one's with me...ok..😂😂😂 (Btw I made a cover of this song..you guys can check it out❤️❤️)

  • More then The average
    More then The average3 jam yang lalu


  • Voodles
    Voodles3 jam yang lalu

    This one will never get old.

  • Jillian Unidad
    Jillian Unidad3 jam yang lalu

    I love you taylor my dream is to meet you im your biggest fan

  • Angela Pauleen
    Angela Pauleen4 jam yang lalu

    If youre watching this in 2021, youre a truly legend

  • Vic Vega
    Vic Vega4 jam yang lalu

    This song brings back so many memories. Taylor will always be our childhood hero.

  • joyeeta banerjee joyeeta banerjee
    joyeeta banerjee joyeeta banerjee4 jam yang lalu

    If you are watching this in 2021 you are a legend

  • Saufi Mahrin
    Saufi Mahrin4 jam yang lalu

    I belong with me 😹

  • Wmbr 1966
    Wmbr 19665 jam yang lalu

    Imagine her waking up after this neighborhood love story lmao

  • Stephen Hradil
    Stephen Hradil5 jam yang lalu

    So much talent

  • • Mikunarashi
    • Mikunarashi5 jam yang lalu

    i was born october 28 2009 and funny how i know the song even tho i think i haven’t listened to this song before

  • Zara Ismail
    Zara Ismail5 jam yang lalu

    When you realise the other girl is Taylor swift in a wig Me: hey its saylor twift When you notice the boy is the future macGuyver Me : Wassap macGuyver

  • शक्षम _ ठाकुर
    शक्षम _ ठाकुर5 jam yang lalu

    legends listening in 2021❤️

  • Sarah Gwen Hontucan
    Sarah Gwen Hontucan5 jam yang lalu

    1.1B ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Madeline Tv
    Madeline Tv5 jam yang lalu

    1.1B views omg❤ 11 years still watching 2021🥰

  • Shobi
    Shobi5 jam yang lalu

    The comments are all soo recent!! I love this fandom🤧

  • Bebe Vaity
    Bebe Vaity5 jam yang lalu

    Whos watch' indian

  • Om status official
    Om status official6 jam yang lalu

    2021 😍❤️✌🏻

  • Jaden Lu
    Jaden Lu6 jam yang lalu


  • Phoebe Buban
    Phoebe Buban6 jam yang lalu

    January 2021..who's with me? ☺

  • Tanish Tyagi
    Tanish Tyagi6 jam yang lalu

    At 0:59, it shows that her curtain open, but then it cuts to him looking at Taylor, then the next cut shows her dancing in her room, but the curtain is closed

  • Sherfil Rivera
    Sherfil Rivera6 jam yang lalu

    The person who's watching this on 2021 must be a legend

  • xei soleil
    xei soleil6 jam yang lalu

    idk but why i suddenly missed my crush

  • CoolhandLukeSkywalkr
    CoolhandLukeSkywalkr6 jam yang lalu

    ... awe classic Taylor Swift.

  • xei soleil
    xei soleil6 jam yang lalu

    yes, im still listening to this masterpiece.

  • Eric Vingua
    Eric Vingua6 jam yang lalu

    Peace and Freedom

  • Eric Vingua

    Eric Vingua

    3 jam yang lalu

    I just realized the mean girl was taylor swift

  • Eric Vingua
    Eric Vingua6 jam yang lalu

    Slavery why are we silenced???

  • Eric Vingua
    Eric Vingua6 jam yang lalu

    Eric got arrested in 2017

  • SophiaJunette Binayong
    SophiaJunette Binayong7 jam yang lalu

    Me in 2021:still listens on this legendary song Drop a like if u are too⬇

  • Bhumika katarnavare
    Bhumika katarnavare7 jam yang lalu

    Who's that hero

  • shaxny abad
    shaxny abad7 jam yang lalu


  • nilo.0
    nilo.07 jam yang lalu

    I can't for the re-recorded version of this song🥺

  • Lae Lacambra
    Lae Lacambra7 jam yang lalu

    I was seven when she released this song. Still obsessed and watching it 11 years later.

  • Ineedsomecohke Wowowbulgoi
    Ineedsomecohke Wowowbulgoi8 jam yang lalu

    It’s not that this song’s old but it doesn’t feel old

    MARIANNE POSTANES8 jam yang lalu

    Hello 2021

  • Samantha Blayden
    Samantha Blayden8 jam yang lalu

    I have this song I cry every time I sing it

  • A_Cobilla Bryce Matthew D. Cobilla
    A_Cobilla Bryce Matthew D. Cobilla8 jam yang lalu

    2090: OoOoooOoOOoooo PPL REMEMBER THIS SONG??!?!? ppl: idk that my rlly rlly great great grandma said that the person who sang that is a legend

  • Queen_x2009
    Queen_x20098 jam yang lalu

    My favorite song ever Ik it by heart if u have listened to this a million time ur a legend!!!

  • Dickpershon Dik
    Dickpershon Dik8 jam yang lalu

    I never felt too old to listen to Taylor Swift, no matter how old I am now, I will always love her songs.

  • Anna Sweetapple
    Anna Sweetapple8 jam yang lalu

    Wait you mean to tell my the girlfriend was t swift and I didn’t notice for over 10 years

  • Ray Lee
    Ray Lee8 jam yang lalu

    This music video was 12 years ago but it's still the best

  • Liz
    Liz9 jam yang lalu

    diosmio escuchar esto mientras arreglo mi cuarto y hago mi tarea es tan KASJDASHD M SIENTO COMO EN UNA PELI AAAAAAAAAAAAAA

  • Miqqaela
    Miqqaela9 jam yang lalu

    Mi infancia we

  • itz zerotwo _playz
    itz zerotwo _playz9 jam yang lalu

    If u didn't get this from tiktok ur a legit legend

  • Czerny Gale Gasmen
    Czerny Gale Gasmen9 jam yang lalu

    Gosh its is 1.1B views

  • Yan Yan
    Yan Yan10 jam yang lalu

    After 11 years I'm watching this, who's watching this in 2021??

  • Demi G
    Demi G10 jam yang lalu

    0:43 i like how taylor wear the black jacket

  • Princess Jamella Balt
    Princess Jamella Balt10 jam yang lalu

    2021?? Anyone

  • Demi G

    Demi G

    10 jam yang lalu

    Me... January 23

  • Sharvari Parghi

    Sharvari Parghi

    10 jam yang lalu

    me omg

  • Cristina
    Cristina11 jam yang lalu

    Well that was hella cute with the "I LOVE YOU" signs haha

  • Hector Perez
    Hector Perez11 jam yang lalu

    12 years later I am watching this I must be a legend in 2021 🧢

  • Yamuna Shakya
    Yamuna Shakya11 jam yang lalu

    People watching this song in 2021 are a true legend

  • AaliyahBeAmazing Roblox
    AaliyahBeAmazing Roblox11 jam yang lalu

    i was only 3 when this came out ❤

  • jorge luia
    jorge luia11 jam yang lalu

    I love you Taylor :3

  • heyhannajo
    heyhannajo11 jam yang lalu

    someone here in 2021?

  • Patricia Woody

    Patricia Woody

    11 jam yang lalu


  • Patricia Woody
    Patricia Woody12 jam yang lalu

    Anyone else think Taylor looks almost like Vicki Vale in that 1989 batman movie??

  • Antonietta Abruzzese
    Antonietta Abruzzese12 jam yang lalu

    anybody in 2021 ->

  • Patricia Woody

    Patricia Woody

    11 jam yang lalu


  • Megan Cruz
    Megan Cruz12 jam yang lalu

    11 years later wow I was not born that time

  • Zariah Smith
    Zariah Smith12 jam yang lalu

    11 years latter i just now noticed the black hair girl is talor swift

  • Patricia Woody

    Patricia Woody

    12 jam yang lalu

    I know!

  • Xxyourbeautiful xX
    Xxyourbeautiful xX12 jam yang lalu


  • Benz Villapaña
    Benz Villapaña12 jam yang lalu

    My first Taylor Swift song ❤️

  • Sammy777
    Sammy77712 jam yang lalu

    Bro I remember when I used to sing this song at age 5 wow

  • Spunkyflunkrdoodle
    Spunkyflunkrdoodle12 jam yang lalu

    When you realize that this was 11 years ago WHERE DID MY CHILDHOOD GO

  • Miss.fangirl
    Miss.fangirl13 jam yang lalu

    Why did it take me 10 years to notice the girl in black hair is taylor herslef FML 🏃‍♀️💨

  • Emina Mina
    Emina Mina13 jam yang lalu

    Feel like a teenager again 😅 2021 💖

  • Kvro_mi
    Kvro_mi13 jam yang lalu

    The boy now must be like: "And I kissed Taylor Swift!"

  • Ricky Hudge
    Ricky Hudge13 jam yang lalu

    I'm watching this 11 years ago

  • Fatima Montes
    Fatima Montes13 jam yang lalu

    Alguien la escucha en el 2021 pero que no hable Taka Taka, es que mi inglés esta muy Ratata ya tu sabe'. 🥺

  • QuiteContrary ASMR

    QuiteContrary ASMR

    9 jam yang lalu


  • Krystal Cortez
    Krystal Cortez13 jam yang lalu


  • Catlynn OwO

    Catlynn OwO

    12 jam yang lalu


  • magen david
    magen david14 jam yang lalu

    Her top says junior Jews at the beginning 😂😂✡️✡️

  • Jonathan Southerland
    Jonathan Southerland14 jam yang lalu

    A real lady

  • Brandy Cavalier
    Brandy Cavalier14 jam yang lalu


  • Karla Morales
    Karla Morales14 jam yang lalu


  • ツAdriツ
    ツAdriツ14 jam yang lalu

    2009- I'M WATCHING THIS IN 2021 😭

  • Trevguest the Lawyer
    Trevguest the Lawyer14 jam yang lalu

    I still listen to this song lol

  • hxney tix
    hxney tix14 jam yang lalu

    Who’s loved this song since 2013 😅