Taylor Swift - Live at the 2019 American Music Awards


Taylor Swift performs at the 2019 American Music Awards (November 24th, 2019)
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  • Zahra Adilla
    Zahra Adilla33 menit yang lalu

    Taymila 🖤

  • Einer Armuelles
    Einer Armuelles57 menit yang lalu


  • Shukumei
    ShukumeiJam Yang lalu

    this is the best performance in an award show

  • William Domingo
    William Domingo3 jam yang lalu

    Real man listens to taylor swift! Very talented she sings better on live!

  • 1DKidrxuhl
    1DKidrxuhl3 jam yang lalu


  • lil2fate
    lil2fate3 jam yang lalu

    🐐 ❤️

  • 03 AI
    03 AI3 jam yang lalu

    I love Taylor.

  • 03 AI
    03 AI3 jam yang lalu

    I love Taylor.

  • Kerlly Suseth
    Kerlly Suseth4 jam yang lalu


  • Flor Marcela
    Flor Marcela5 jam yang lalu

    always that i watch this, i remember why SHE is the QUEEN

  • Azalea Sage
    Azalea Sage5 jam yang lalu

    11 minutes and 40 seconds of Taylor Swift being a magical queen, pretty much oh and this is freaking beautiful change my mind

  • Jorge Cabanillas
    Jorge Cabanillas6 jam yang lalu

    Artist Of The Decade: Taylor Swift

  • Thais.lvctr
    Thais.lvctr6 jam yang lalu


  • TrollerSwift HasEnteredTheChatRoom
    TrollerSwift HasEnteredTheChatRoom6 jam yang lalu

    06:43 Does anyone else not think that piano chord sounds a lot like Windows 10 low battery sound effect and get pranked every time?

  • Leen m
    Leen m7 jam yang lalu


  • Leen m
    Leen m7 jam yang lalu

    سيل وتايلور احبهههممم

  • saeed dahdooh
    saeed dahdooh9 jam yang lalu

    So gorgeous

  • Pallabi Nath
    Pallabi Nath9 jam yang lalu

    Watching this for 10000th time and still feels new 😭😭

  • Neregebla Memregado
    Neregebla Memregado10 jam yang lalu

    Quem é do Brasil dá like

  • addi leigh
    addi leigh10 jam yang lalu

    I love how Selena was looking at Taylor’s mom like “yeaaa that’s my BFF and your daughter” lol

  • Vic Lhor
    Vic Lhor11 jam yang lalu

    Live or not her voice is so perfect

  • Yves Zach
    Yves Zach11 jam yang lalu

    who's here after watching folklore long pond session?

  • DS MotoTube
    DS MotoTube11 jam yang lalu


  • Emma Woods
    Emma Woods12 jam yang lalu

    Her mommy singing to her songs 🥺

  • M H
    M H12 jam yang lalu

    here after grammy nominations, my queen

  • Hia Syed
    Hia Syed12 jam yang lalu

    man, i love this woman

  • Anastasija Krstic
    Anastasija Krstic12 jam yang lalu

    Wonderin' what it feels like to carry the whole music industry

  • Agustina Roa
    Agustina Roa12 jam yang lalu

    I l♡ve Taylor swift!!❤😊

  • We ShOuLd JuSt StAb CeAsAr
    We ShOuLd JuSt StAb CeAsAr13 jam yang lalu

    Omg kesha where have you been gurl?? You ok???

  • We ShOuLd JuSt StAb CeAsAr
    We ShOuLd JuSt StAb CeAsAr13 jam yang lalu

    Idk how but taylor has this glow its so gorgeous shes like enchanted or something..

  • Star Light
    Star Light14 jam yang lalu

    C'mon I'm sure everybpdy's favourite performance was Shake It Off.

  • Dark_Wxlfz
    Dark_Wxlfz14 jam yang lalu

    camilla and taylor are da best pair eva!!

  • Abdala Styles
    Abdala Styles15 jam yang lalu

    You’re an ICON, you deserve this award.

  • JC Reginio
    JC Reginio15 jam yang lalu

    it so damn cute to see the audience mouthing her song while she is performing! that is soooo lit! 💪👍

    KHAIRUL FAIZ15 jam yang lalu

    Come back here to see the most legendary artist performed legendary performance😍

    AQUA COMIC15 jam yang lalu

    Swifties we have 3 AMA's now🍰🍾🍾🍾🍾

  • dogie fortun
    dogie fortun15 jam yang lalu

    Regardless of if you like or hate Taylor Swift chances are you grew up hearing at least one massive hit from every album. She truly deserved woman of the decade.

  • Logan Leak
    Logan Leak16 jam yang lalu

    Lizzo is me 5 shots in

  • Dominic Kean Calavia
    Dominic Kean Calavia17 jam yang lalu

    Coming back here because of TS's Grammy nomination again. Love you Taylor 💖

  • Halo moon
    Halo moon17 jam yang lalu

    ما أمل من مشاهدة هذا الفيديو عاشت إيدج تايلور سويفت ❤

  • Athena Kwok
    Athena Kwok17 jam yang lalu

    One year later Taylor Camilla and Halsey is still a superior trio and this is still a legendary performance

  • Apoorva Kamat
    Apoorva Kamat18 jam yang lalu

    Idk why but watching selena, Taylor's mom singing "I knew you were trouble" with her bought me tears....

  • BlackSpace
    BlackSpace18 jam yang lalu

    Why is no one talking about the fact that there was not a single rep song??? :(( Taylor whyyy 😩😩

  • BlackSpace
    BlackSpace18 jam yang lalu

    Wait aait.... Did she not sing any of her rep songs????

  • Lynda Baez
    Lynda Baez18 jam yang lalu

    November 2020 ❤❤❤❤

  • Jeremy
    Jeremy18 jam yang lalu

    how is this 1 year old already

  • Tiffany
    Tiffany19 jam yang lalu

    back for some taylor swift marathonnnnnnn

  • Abbas ALIraqi
    Abbas ALIraqi19 jam yang lalu


  • Abbas ALIraqi
    Abbas ALIraqi19 jam yang lalu


  • Søphïä Łëäl
    Søphïä Łëäl19 jam yang lalu

    Image u being those kids and then getting tiktok just saying “MARY ME JULITE MORE LIKE I WAS WITH TALOR SWIFT JULITE” Hun they lucky............can I be them pls.

  • Volta Cross
    Volta Cross19 jam yang lalu

    Here after her Grammy Noms 😘😍

  • Cherry_Cuddles Xx
    Cherry_Cuddles Xx20 jam yang lalu

    I am surprised that Katy perry wasn’t nominated

  • Janani Balamurugan
    Janani Balamurugan21 jam yang lalu

    Everytime this pops up on my recommended, I never ignore it. It makes me so happy :D

  • Katty Cruzatty Aspiazu
    Katty Cruzatty Aspiazu21 jam yang lalu

    You know she deserves the award when she sang her best songs for more than 11 minutes straight but you still feel some songs were missing.

  • Maria Herrera
    Maria Herrera22 jam yang lalu

    My Fav. Song da year Shake it off!! Thank you Tay love ya!!!❤❤❤🙌😌

  • Gabi Monty
    Gabi Monty22 jam yang lalu

    i'm not a Taylor stan but this was ICONIC.

  • Pawel Szulc
    Pawel Szulc22 jam yang lalu


  • Arina Pillai
    Arina Pillai23 jam yang lalu

    I can't believe I cried ♥️♥️♥️😭😭😭

  • Nicolas Martinez
    Nicolas MartinezHari Yang lalu

    I wish she keeps this version of Knew You Were trouble when she re récords it

  • Kaye Ashley Ramos
    Kaye Ashley RamosHari Yang lalu


  • David jdhでぇydb
    David jdhでぇydbHari Yang lalu

    this reminds me of Beyoncé with Taylor Swift Music and honestly not mad She sang and looked great

  • Giulia
    GiuliaHari Yang lalu

    Who is the women at 5:16?

  • Miguel López Quindós
    Miguel López QuindósHari Yang lalu

    Es increíble 👏

  • Maxine Mccoy
    Maxine MccoyHari Yang lalu

    Taylor I love you so much

  • Sammy Sweet
    Sammy SweetHari Yang lalu

    1:10 is that emil enis jr???

  • J.B.
    J.B.Hari Yang lalu

    Excelente toda una profesional Taylor

  • Ilaria
    IlariaHari Yang lalu

    this is Taylor's world and we're just living it

  • kdot _
    kdot _Hari Yang lalu

    Only Halsey and Camila💋

  • B. L.
    B. L.Hari Yang lalu

    0:24 Poor little girl get smacked in the face. 😮😮🤣

  • Ashley Marie Stack
    Ashley Marie StackHari Yang lalu

    “I don’t like Taylor” *sings along with entire performance* ...guess what? You’re a Swiftie.

  • Katty Cruzatty Aspiazu
    Katty Cruzatty AspiazuHari Yang lalu

    You know she deserves the award when she sang her best songs for more than 11 minutes straight but you still feel some songs were missing.

  • Ingrid Nilsen
    Ingrid NilsenHari Yang lalu

    who's the one at 04:00 ?

  • Tusharika
    TusharikaHari Yang lalu

    Watching this for the millionth time:O Still not satisfied Wanna keep on watching and watching _MY QUEEN_ Rock

  • Paula Garrido
    Paula GarridoHari Yang lalu

    Taylena goals 💫💕 Is so sweet to know that when Tay was singing "we were both young when I first saw you" she sang singing it to Sel. Love their friendship

  • nara toca
    nara tocaHari Yang lalu

    this is just SO iconic, she´s the only queen, no one has ever done it like her. we have a taylor song for every moment in our life, she has given us everyting, we are so lucky to live in the same time as her

  • Raoul Trüeb
    Raoul TrüebHari Yang lalu

    Lizzo is such a mood!

  • Emily Jordan
    Emily JordanHari Yang lalu

    She is such an inspiration! 💜

  • Mr India
    Mr IndiaHari Yang lalu

    😍😍😍😍😍😍❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ this is how I love u.

  • MyOpinion
    MyOpinionHari Yang lalu


  • Aashi Bharti
    Aashi BhartiHari Yang lalu

    Here i am coming back to this......imagine bts/ blackpink collaborated with Taylor I mean just imagine the impact

  • justyouraveragetwitterstan
    justyouraveragetwitterstanHari Yang lalu


  • justyouraveragetwitterstan


    Hari Yang lalu

    1:03 e f

  • Charles Medenilla
    Charles MedenillaHari Yang lalu

    All of the song that she sing was perfect

  • Aditi Kataria
    Aditi KatariaHari Yang lalu

    Taylor deserves artist of the decade because, We all will be watching this video even after decades!!!!!!

  • Ahn Mai Ramos
    Ahn Mai RamosHari Yang lalu

    i shake it off! ik i'm zo late to this wonderful performance

  • Kate Balazs
    Kate BalazsHari Yang lalu

    She’s what I wanna become!

  • Vidushi Dutta
    Vidushi DuttaHari Yang lalu

    Taylor won Artist of the year award in Amas 2020❤️❤️❤️

  • Gie B.
    Gie B.Hari Yang lalu

    You guys... finally shes now re recording her old albums 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Lavanya Sahay
    Lavanya SahayHari Yang lalu

    This is my comfort video ❤️

  • Dani
    DaniHari Yang lalu

    Who's watching this in 2020? Seems so unrealistic tongather so many people at one place... Seems like ages ago...

  • Mike Lester Apas
    Mike Lester ApasHari Yang lalu

    The Most Iconic Performance that ever exist 😍 We love you so much TAYLOR SWIFT ❤😘

  • Draco Swift
    Draco SwiftHari Yang lalu

    I was hoping she'll sing 'All Too Well' to atleast give justice to that underated song. But she still dominated the stage. You really know she's an icon or should I say the MUSIC INDUSTRY itself.

  • Maria J
    Maria JHari Yang lalu

    Taylor Swift ended the 2010’s being the Artist of the Decade and began the 2020’s being the Artist of the Year. Taylegend

  • martha kimondo
    martha kimondoHari Yang lalu

    She is better than Beyonce

  • Nitch
    NitchHari Yang lalu


    TAEHYUNG OPPAHari Yang lalu

    Who's just binge watching old music show award performances?

    TAEHYUNG OPPAHari Yang lalu

    This woman is literally Carrying the whole industry

    TAEHYUNG OPPAHari Yang lalu


    TAEHYUNG OPPAHari Yang lalu

    Yesssssssss QUEEEEN ✨✨

  • David_ UwU
    David_ UwUHari Yang lalu

    Algun ispano me puede decir por que no canto una de raputeicion una como delicate cavia perfecto

  • Mccoy Maravilla
    Mccoy MaravillaHari Yang lalu

    kids:where is our candy? (JUST A LAME JOKE)